Did You know?

Did you know that the Huntington City Mission served 106,128 meals in 2014, and that number is trending up by nearly 8% this year?

HCM also provided 53,294 nights of lodging and averaged 146 guests per night. How can you make a difference? You can help by volunteering your time by using the individual talents you possess, you can bring a group to do a one-time project or serve meals to the hungry and homeless, or you can donate items on our Constant Needs List.

Our Constant Needs list is as follows: diapers(5+), men’s and women’s white sports socks, men’s and women’s underwear, bottled water, paper towels, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, men’s and women’s deodorant, Pop-Top canned foods(Vienna sausages, fruit, etc.), school supplies, baby formula, infant cereal, and individual snacks and juice drinks.

The Huntington City Mission is a safe place to sleep, a warm meal and hope for a better future as we share the love of God. Call (304) 523-0293 and ask how you can make a difference.

HCM Announces new Executive Director

wpefd85fdb_06The Board of Directors excitedly announces the placement of Mitchell “Mitch” Webb as the new Executive Director of the Huntington City Mission. Mitch leaves State Electric, a well known community business, where he worked 35 years.

He started his career at State Electric loading trucks but held many other positions including purchasing, branch manager, and for the last 11 years Director of Marketing. While in the role of Director of Marketing the department earned six national marketing awards in the electrical distribution industry.

Mitch has a highly versatile background.  He has served as pastor for local churches, recruited, raised funds, and led many third world mission trips. The Mission trips included teaching pastors and leaders, children’s ministries, construction (building churches, repairing roofs), and food distribution. He participates in street ministry for the homeless through LinkUp Ministries Inc., a religious organization of Huntington.

Mitch not only has marketing/fundraising skills but he also has skills in office management, customer relations, analyzing financial reports, personnel and payroll management.

Please join the Huntington City Mission Board of Directors and staff in welcoming Mitch to the Huntington City Mission.